49223 – Panda

$125 in sponsorship funds available to rescue group!

2 years old
Female – Spayed!
FIV- & FeLV-
Rescued – Thanks Circle of Friends!

Why choose me?

Panda is a real trooper of a cat. Her pictures may not look the best right now, but they look a lot better than when she first came in! She came in at the beginning of May with a bad injury to her back. She spent a lot of time at Firehall 4 (thanks to folks who donate to our Medical Fund!) while she recovered. She actually had to have a drain inserted in her back to ensure that she healed and that’s why she still has a large shaved area on her back. But her hair will be back soon and then she’ll be a gorgeous panda-colored kitty again.

She has a great personality and she loves attention. She also loves her bed more than just about anything else, so her adopter will have to be sure that she has a comfy one at her new home. Aside from that, Panda doesn’t ask for much of anything. She’s got a very cheerful, happy personality and nothing much gets her down. Perhaps it’s because she knows how lucky she is to be at the shelter and to have gotten the medical care that she needed, but we all know that she will truly be lucky when she finds a forever home of her own!

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