49198, 49199, 49200, 49201, 49202, 49203 – Naveen, Elsa, Kristoff, Tiana, Moana, Ariel & Aurora

4 Months
Males (49197, 49199) & Females (49198, 49200, 49201, 49202, 49203)
DSH / Siamese-Mixes
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 4/30/18
Rescued – Thanks Athens Area Humane Society!

Why choose me?

5/4/18 Update: Kristoff (Ledger #49199) has been adopted!  There are now 6 kittens remaining.  Come out this weekend to adopt!

Cute little kitten alert!  These 7 babies came to the shelter with their mom, Cinderella, who is also available for adoption.  The kittens are now 4 months old, and ready to find homes of their own.  They are all healthy, happy (but shy at first), and ready to play.  They have some very stunning eye colors – so it’s best if you come right away, so you can compare and contrast their eye colors and “purr-sonalities” before they get adopted!  There are six white kittens and one black kitten.  Tiana (Ledger # 49200) is the sole black kitten, who we know takes after mom, Cinderella.  She’s got beautiful green eyes, and is a social girl.  Aurora (Ledger #49203) is a white kitten, who has heterochromia, meaning her eyes are different colors – one eye is blue, and one eye is green.  Naveen (Ledger #49197), Elsa (#49198), and Ariel (#49202) are solid white with green eyes of differing shades.  Kristoff (#49199) has blue eyes, and Moana (#49201) has blue around her pupils, but green toward the edges.  We are sure you’ll be smitten with these kittens, and will want to adopt more than one. After all, it’s best for a kitten to have a playmate at all times!