49190, 49191 – Morel & Enoki

Born Approx 4/25/18
Female (49190) & Male (49191)
FIV & FeLV status – n/a

Why choose me?

This dynamic duo arrived at the shelter during late June.  These kittens are sick of being stuck in a shelter kennel, so we hope that you’ll consider adopting one or both of them soon.  Morel is the brown tabby, who has a white bib and white feet.  She’s oh-so-cute.  Enoki is the orange tabby – and he also has a white bib and white feet.  They are both friendly, well-socialized kittens, who are excited to move into a home of their very own soon. Because they are so friendly and relaxed, we’d bet they will do well in a home with existing pets and/or children.  It’s generally recommended to adopt 2 kittens at a time, so they are never lonely or bored.  Come meet Morel and Enoki as soon as you have a chance!