49159 – Indy

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6-12 months
26 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 5/1
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Why choose me?

Indy is such a little clown! She’s cute and social and will do ANYTHING for a laugh–fishing rope toys out of the swimming pool and spraying water all over the place, prancing around with a favorite toy then bounding after it happily when I tossed it, and pulling herself across the pen in an army crawl when I tried to get her to stay at arms’ length to get some photos. (She seemed to think if she stayed low I wouldn’t notice she was moving.) She couldn’t decide whether to play with Sara Lee or with Ace; I think she’d be happy in home with pups her own size or those much bigger than herself. With her unusual coloring and great personality, I’m sure Indy won’t be at the shelter long!