49094 – Diamond

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2 years
Female – spayed!
60 pounds
Heartworm positive 🙁
Available as of 4/16
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Why choose me?

Update 5/22: Diamond and Clarke are playmates! I think it was love at first sight. They have similar play styles, and afterwards, Clarke was stealing kisses! Of course, Diamond didn’t mind one bit–they’re great together! Diamond and Clarke can only play together if a staff member is present, but if things are quiet around the shelter while you are visiting, you can ask if it’s a good time for a play date!

Update 5/7: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Diamond has been spayed and brought up-to-date on her basic vaccinations! She’s now available for adoption as well as rescue!

Update 5/1: Unfortunately, Diamond has tested positive for heartworms and is only available to rescues until she is spayed.

Update 4/30: I have a great time with Diamond. Her shyness has slipped away, and she knows what she wants–to be with friends and have fun! Today, she was all about toys and had the best time running with them or making them squeak. I’d have to trade a treat for her toys to throw again, but she’d run to fetch them every time. She learned which ones would squeak, and those were her favorite. It was fun watching Diamond have such a good time. What a sweet, playful beauty!

Diamond is a sweet, beautiful girl. When I first met her, she was newly surrendered, frightened, and not ready to leave her kennel. Today was different, and she decided to take a chance on being with a new friend. I’m glad she did. While Diamond wasn’t interested in playing, she did like being next to me on the picnic table enjoying pets and watching everything that was going on. She’d also come to me when I called her and sit for a few treats. I took Diamond out again later in the day, and she seemed to be feeling more confident. Her former owner said she’s good with children and lived with a two year old. I hope she finds another family to love. Once Diamond trusts you, you’ve got a sweet friend.