49091 – Huck

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2 years
58 pounds
Heartworm negative!
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Update 5/19: I spent some time with Huck today while he played fetch with another volunteer, and he was wonderfully mannered! He actually brought the toy back most times, and seemed happy just to be romping around. He met a few different dogs at the fenceline and was calmly polite with all of them. This is a really nice pup–I hope he finds his home soon!

When Huck first joined me in the interaction pen, the hound in him was strong, and his nose was to the ground taking in every scent. But then, he’d had his fill, and Huck was ready to play! He found the stuffed duck I’d thrown for him earlier and ran around the picnic table with it as fast as he could go. Once he dropped it, I’d throw it again, and Huck was off for more fun. After sniffing out my treat bag, Huck was all about treats. He hasn’t learned how to sit for them, but I imagine it won’t be long before he gets the idea. Huck is a sweet, fun dog. Give him some time to fill his snoot with the scents of the day, and he’ll be ready to play!

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