49068 – Yana

1 year
60 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 4/16
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Why choose me?

Yana is a beautiful girl. She had just arrived when I took her out for pictures, so her interests were in learning about her new environment. She chased a tennis ball like it was a game she knew and politely greeted her neighbor Harley in the adjoining interaction pen, but she wasn’t ready to play. She didn’t mind stopping for a few pets, and I offered her some treats, but they weren’t her cup of tea. Yana seems to be a friendly, gentle girl. She just wants to go home, and when I said, “Let’s go!” she picked up speed and ran to the gate. I’m sure she was disappointed when our walk ended at her kennel. Hopefully, Yana will be reclaimed, but if not, this sweet beauty will need a new family to love.