49065 – Wadell

2 years
10 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 4/15
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Why choose me?

Update 4/11: What a difference a sunny day makes for Wadell’s coat! He could still use a bath, but it’s so much fluffier on a dry day so I retook his pictures. Of course, the drizzle on Tuesday didn’t affect Wadell’s good nature–he’s always happy and sweet!

Wadell is an easy-going fellow who takes things in stride and waddles along his way. He’s happy to go for walks, meet new friends, and enjoy a few treats. He’s somewhat bedraggled right now and could use a bath and trim, but I bet he wouldn’t mind that either. He’s a good looking dog, but just imagine how handsome he’d be after some time at a groomer’s! No need to change his disposition, though, Wadell is all sweetness! Are you looking for a little buddy who appreciates short walks and lots of love? Come meet Wadell!