49007 – Zeke

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1 year
49 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 4/9
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Why choose me?

Zeke is not only handsome but fun! He was new to the pound and initially shy, but once I pulled out some toys, it was all good. He fetched a rope for a few rounds and dropped it nearby, but when I threw a stuffed duck, that was a prize he didn’t want to part with and found a comfy spot to chew on his toy. After I’d taken his duck a few times to continue the game, Zeke decided that was enough and ran with his toy whenever I neared. I had to laugh when he “hid” the duck in a patch of tall grass next to the fence. Zeke sits for treats and lights up when you pet him. He’s a sweet, playful dog who’ll make you smile!