49003 – Charity

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7 years
Female – spayed!
60 pounds
Recovering from heartworm treatment!
Available as of 3/26
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Why choose me?
Update 6/1: Charity received her Diroban (heartworm treatment) shots Wednesday and yesterday and is now in her “crate rest” period. Wish her well as she recovers!

Update 4/4: Charity may be seven years old, but that doesn’t keep her from playing with toys or running along the fence–at least for a short time. She especially likes stuffed toys and learned that if she brought the toy back to me she could get a treat. First, she had to make sure she shook it and made it squeak. Charity can be choosy about her playmates at the fence. She seems to do better with males or non-alpha females. Today, her running buddy was sweet Libby. Afterwards, Charity was ready to join me at the bench to relax and be loved on. I like spending time with Charity, and she appreciates having a friend.

Update 3/27: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Charity has been spayed and brought up-to-date on her basic vaccinations! She’s now available for adoption as well as rescue!

Charity had just been surrendered, but that didn’t keep her from wanting to meet new friends. She was happy to walk with me to an interaction pen. Once she had checked out all the new scents, she joined me at the bench and liked being petted and having her back scratched. She’s a sweet, older dog who enjoys being with people. Her former owners said Charity lived with a small dog and cats and was good with kids. Unfortunately, she has tested positive for heartworms, so she’s only available to rescues until she is spayed. If you’re looking for an older dog who enjoys leisurely walks and being with friends, come meet Charity!

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