49001 – Cherry

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1 year
38 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 4/8
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Why choose me?

Update 4/17: Cherry is an absolute sweetheart and has now learned how to sit for treats. Just imagine what else she can learn! She’s still looking for her forever family, so come meet this sweet, smart beauty!

Cherry is a friendly dog who’s all tail wags and love. She adores being with people and will lean against you soaking up all the pets, hugs, and attention you give her. She also loves treats but hasn’t learned how to sit for them. Instead, she’ll look into your eyes, give you a big smile, and hope that’s enough to be rewarded. One skill that Cherry does have is leaping over high obstacles. One of the workers put her in a front interaction pen while her kennel was being cleaned, and she jumped over the fence topped with barbed wire without even a scratch. Fortunately, she didn’t leave the parking lot and was happy to have someone bring her back inside. Maybe that skill could be put to better use! Cherry is a sweet, affectionate girl. Hopefully, she’ll find a home where she’ll get lots of love and can be an indoor dog so her fence jumping days will be over!