48998 – Midnight

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1 year
67 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 4/5
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Why choose me?

Update 4/9: Midnight is a jewel waiting to be discovered. He’s a sweet, good-natured boy who’s happy playing with toys or sitting by your side being loved on. I have a great time playing with Midnight. He likes stuffed toys and is learning to bring them back to trade for a treat, but sometimes he just doesn’t want to part with them! When we’re ready for a break, Midnight joins me at the bench for pets and more treats. He’s a sweet, gentle buddy who eats up all the attention I give him. Give Midnight a chance, and you’ll fall in love with him just like I have.

Midnight is one handsome boy – his coat shines so brightly in the sun you need sunglasses just to look a him! He’s a young and enthusiastic fellow, made all the more enthused by being the new guy in such an exciting place – so many people, dogs and smells! There is one sure way to get Midnight’s attention though, and that’s treats. He sits for them, but if you take too long to deliver, he’ll jump in the air to remind you that he’s still there waiting 😉 He likes to play ‘half-fetch’ – he runs after the ball or toy you throw for him, sniffs it, and then trots back to you with a ‘Why’d you throw that out?’ look on his face. Midnight is a fun boy looking for a fun family!