48972 – Snoopy

Why choose me?

Snoopy was a stray who showed up in a neighborhood and spent a week wandering before a very nice lady took him in and got him to the vet. He had a case of ear mites and had scratched his poor ears bloody. His ears are almost completely healed up now and he has been treated for the ear mites and fleas, neutered, combo tested negative for FeLV and FIV, and given his yearly shots. Snoopy likes to be around people and is a very mellow, laid back kitty. You can see from his pictures how at ease he is even at the vet! He loves to play and gets the zoomies. Sometimes he gets so excited he will give you a little love bite, but don’t worry! It’s nice and soft and it’s just because he’s so happy he doesn’t know how to contain himself! His rescuer would’ve loved to have kept him but with six cats already she has a full house. Give this sweet boy a home and put his rescuer’s heart at ease that he finally has someone to love him and look after him always!