48947 – Scar

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2 Years
Male – neutered!
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 4/2/18


Why choose me?

Update 4/24: Scar is no longer “Rescue Only”, meaning that individuals can now adopt him!  Check out his new photos — where you can see that he is looking SO MUCH better!  There’s a true “before & after” comparison for this sweet young man. He’s as playful and loving as ever, and can’t wait to be snapped up by a lucky adopter.  If you’re interested, please hurry, because Scar won’t be at the shelter for long, now that he’s all healed up!

Update 4/21: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Scar has been neutered and brought up-to-date on his basic vaccinations!

One thing is for sure — we’ll never know for certain what actually happened to Scar.  We do, however, know that he arrived at the shelter with some pretty traumatic injuries, predominantly on and around his face.  The wounds are believed to be caused by a chemical burn.  Even his whiskers were singed off.  What a mystery… how could this have happened to him?  As if a burn isn’t bad enough, burns can easily become infected, so Scar is currently being treated for potential fungal and bacterial infections, as a precaution, per veterinary recommendation.

Luckily, Scar’s eyes/vision seem unaffected by the burn, and we’ve noticed that Scar’s scabs are healing more and more each day, though he’s feeling a bit itchy, as the scabs peel off.  While his face may forever show some residual imperfections, as according to the human eye, Scar doesn’t spend a lick of his time looking in the mirror or worrying about his appearance!   He’s one of the most loving, patient cats we’ve met, even after being poked and prodded during vet visits and medical treatment.  He also loves to play, enjoys being petted, and snuggles while looking at you lovingly with wistful eyes.  This playful love bug is ready for a second chance in life.  Scar is a courageous survivor.  We’re hoping that you’ll see past his outward appearance and reward him with the fur-ever home that he so very much deserves!

Scar is currently located in the back of the shelter, while receiving daily meds… but shelter staff will be happy to introduce you to him upon request!

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