48942 – Chevy Chase

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2 years
Male – neutered!
48 pounds
Heartworm treatment completed!
Available as of 4/1
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Update 7/2: Chevy Chase has completed his month of kennel rest and is now available for adoption as well as rescue!

Update 6/1: Chevy Chase received his Diroban (heartworm treatment) shots Wednesday and yesterday and is now in his “crate rest” period. Wish him well as he recovers!

Update 5/19: Chevy Chase is back at the shelter and doing great! He is enjoying the freedom of play time in an interaction pen and sniffing other dogs through the fence, though his exercise is still restricted as the pads on his feet toughen up. He’s about to have another month of crate rest after receiving his heartworm treatment, but then he’ll FINALLY be ready for adoption. In the meantime, we’re hoping a rescue scoops this handsome and sweet guy up!

Oh, Chevy Chase (Full name: Chevy Chase Balls). It’s hard not to make his story about his injuries, likely from jumping or falling out of a moving pick-up truck. But he’s so much more than that–he’s a sweet and affectionate boy whose life is looking up! (Currently he is a little hand shy, likely either from the numerous and very painful bandage changes he’s had to have since coming to the shelter or from his past life–but offer him a treat and he starts to believe you’re a friend!). He seems to like other dogs, being curious about them through the fencing and nonreactive when walking by them. He also seems to be housetrained, or at least greatly preferring to go to the bathroom outside, based on his urgency when he does get to the grass. Chevy Chase is a really good pup and deserves the best there is out there; can you help him with that?

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