48857 – Cindy

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7 years
21 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 3/15
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Why choose me?

Cindy had just arrived at the shelter when we took her pictures and video, so she was feeling a bit nervous. She wasn’t afraid of us, just the shelter environment with it’s bewildering number of smells (she is a beagle, with a super-smeller) and so many dogs. But not too scared to take treats – I’ve never met a beagle who turned down a treat, no matter the situation! Cindy may be a hunting dog – she’s wearing an orange reflective collar, and unfortunately she looks like she may have had an unpleasant tangle with some wildlife – she has what looks to me (no expert) like a claw wound on her muzzle, and also a smaller one under her chin. That could certainly add to her nervousness here. Cindy is a gentle and sweet little girl, even through her fear. She needs to go home, whether to her old home or a new one.