48849 – Palmer

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2 years
15 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 3/13
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Why choose me?

Palmer is a lively little guy who’s very excited to be at the pound. New people, new dogs, what a thrill! Even though he’s a little fella, he was very confident and friendly to all the dogs he met through the chainlink wall of the interaction pen, whether they were big or little, male or female. He was so adorable and funny, running around the interaction at top speed, turning on a dime, jumping in the air. What a little entertainer! Just as I was wondering if he was too active to be a lapdog, he jumped in my lap and sat there contentedly. And gave me some kisses for good measure. Although Palmer is a stray, he looks like he was very recently groomed – he’s sparkling white and very fluffy. Somebody obviously loves this little boy, and hopefully they will find him here. If not, Palmer will be available to charm the pants off of you for the rest of his life!