48807 – Betsy

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Update 4/3/18: Betsy is now located in the front of the cat shelter, so she’s easy to meet if you’ll just stop by the shelter!

Poor Betsy found herself at the shelter after her owner of so many years passed away.  People sometimes don’t realize that cats experience feelings of loss and abandonment, just like a human does.  The shelter can be an especially tough place for Senior cats like Betsy, because they are used to life as it always was, with the same caretaker, and in the same home… but suddenly, now there are so many stressful new things – the sight and smell of other cats, barking dogs, and slamming kennel doors.

Betsy arrived at the shelter weighing 17 pounds, but we  believe she should only weigh around 7 pounds.  Her back was matted, which happens when cats are very overweight, because she wasn’t able to properly groom herself.  Thanks to caring staff at the shelter, Betsy’s mats have been removed, and she is now looking and feeling much better.  She’s now on a low-calorie diet, and is working on losing some of that unnecessary weight. We’d also like to mention that Betsy does not have any teeth, but that’s no problem at all, as she eats wet food just fine.

Betsy is hoping that a special someone will be moved by her story, and help her out.  She’s really no trouble at all, as she doesn’t tend to move around very much.  She enjoys being brushed and just hanging out with people.  She’s a great candidate for a quieter home, and doesn’t need a large space to roam.  A windowsill to look out would be nice, though! At around 10 years of age, this girl is hoping to live out her Golden Years in a new home which she so badly deserves after the tragedy of her owner’s passing.  Betsy is currently located in the back of the shelter, as it is quieter and more relaxing for her. Simply inquire with shelter staff, and they’ll be happy to introduce you to her. Betsy now just needs a compassionate soul to provide her with some love, care, and a new home!

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