48804 – T’Challa

Why choose me?

T’Challa arrived at the shelter just yesterday, in a trap, and covered in rotten sardine juice.  And he just stunk, terribly.  Shelter staff realized that he was very friendly, but he badly needed a bath…. and as you may imagine, a bath isn’t exactly a cat’s favorite activity.  However —  T’Challa loved his bath!  He rolled around and basked in the attention he was given, even as he was being dried off with a towel.  Cats aren’t much for being messed with, but this guy is about as laid-back as they come!  Today, T’Challa played with some middle-school aged children, and just enjoyed hanging out with everyone he could possibly meet.  Did we mention that this amazing boy also loves to be held, hugged, and rubbed on his belly?   T’Challa has a one-in-a million purrsonality, and is a total lap cat at heart.   After all, what cat willingly takes a bath, gives hugs, and loves to play with a group of rambunctious kids?  He will likely do best in a home where there’s lots of action and attention to be had – a home with kid(s) and/or other animal(s) would be great.  We hope you’ll come meet this awesome dude yourself, and consider adopting him into your home!