48803 – Honey Bee

10 Years
Female – Spayed!
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Meet our sweet Honey Bee.  She had previously lived with the same owner, for almost ten years, when she suddenly found herself here at the shelter.  This situation can be particularly devastating for Senior cats – especially when they are so used to living in the same comfortable place for so long.  There’s wonderful news, though, because Honey Bee is very receptive to people, in general, even after having been here at the shelter for only just a day now.  She loves being petted around the face, and will even roll over for some belly rubs!  Exposing one’s belly is a BIG sign of trust for a cat, so it seems that Honey Bee is open to finding a new caregiver and home where she can just keep on enjoying life.  Though she appears tentative when you first meet her, this special tortoiseshell really loves people.  We’d be that she’d join you on the couch, bed, or even on your lap, if she were to live in your home.  She will be your queen Honey Bee if you give her a bit of patience, love, and a warm place to live!