48708, 48709, 48710, 48711 – Arándano, Fresa, Frambuesa & Baya

10 Weeks
DSH (48708, 48709), DMH (48710, 48711)
FIV- & FeLV-
Rescued – Thanks Athens Area Humane Society!

Why choose me?

These four little kittens may have been about to lose their mittens…. But a nice family brought them and the Mom cat into their home. This allowed for Mom to raise these little ones indoors, until they were weaned and able to eat solid food on their own. Now, Mom and her kittens have come to the shelter so they can find permanent homes of their own. Each kitten has a “berry” name in Spanish: Arándano means “blueberry”, Fresa means “strawberry”, Frambuesa is the “raspberry”, and Baya means “berry”. Mom cat’s name is Mora, meaning “blackberry”. These four little kittens are outgoing, sweet as the berries after which they are named, and ready to move into your home as soon as you are ready to adopt one or more of them!