48707 – Mora

2 Years
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 2/12/18
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Why choose me?

Mora and her four kittens were living outside, when a nice family took them in, so Mora could raise her babies indoors, until they were weaned and able to eat solid food on their own. The human family then brought the cat family to the shelter (while it was not crowded) so the kittens and mom could find permanent homes. After arriving at the shelter, the kittens were immediately saved by a rescue group, but mom cat, Mora, is still looking for a home of her own. Such a doting, patient mom is deserving of a furever home too! Mora is actually quite nervous here at the shelter, but we know that she’s friendly, and did very well while temporarily living in a home. We suspect she dislikes the confines of the kennel and all the loud noises and strange smells that come with the shelter environment. On a better note, Mora is gentle (no hissing or growling), likes to be petted under her chin, and enjoys Temptations cat treats. Also, you’ll see that she has the prettiest, long and sleek coat of shiny fur. We know that Mora will be much happier in a home, so please consider helping her out by adopting her into your home today!