48679 – Milla

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5 years
Female – spayed!
38 pounds
Heartworm treatment completed!
Available as of 2/18
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Why choose me?
Update 4/29: Milla is SO excited to be done with heartworm treatment and to finally be ready to find her new family. Come down and meet this beautiful girl before someone else snaps her up!

Update 3/29: Milla will only be available to rescues for the next month while she recovers from her heartworm treatment. Please wish this sweet girl well during her recovery!

Update 3/17: Milla is our new go-to pup for public events. She’s great with people and other dogs, and pretty low key. I love seeing her get so much attention when she goes to breweries and adoption events–I hope her special person finds her soon!

Update 3/12: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Milla has been spayed and brought up-to-date on her basic vaccinations! She’s now available for adoption as well as rescue!

Update 2/17: Unfortunately, Milla has tested positive for heartworms and is only available to rescues until she is spayed.

Milla is a gentle sweetie. It looks like she’s had a rough patch in life and is missing some fur, has a few scrapes, and looks like she’s already had a few litters, but you can see how cute she is. With a little TLC, Milla will shine. More importantly, she’s already as sweet as she can be. As we walked to the interaction pen, Milla was busy sniffing and snorting as she took in all the different scents, but once she’d had her fill, she became my little buddy and followed me everywhere. She loved being petted and having her neck scratched and would lean against me enjoying both. Milla wasn’t interested in any treats from my pocket, but when she sniffed out the treat bag, she looked longingly at her discovery. After I gave her a few, she used that great nose of hers to find treats left behind by other dogs. If you’re looking for a sweet companion, come spend some time with Milla!

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