48610 – Venus

3 Years
Female – Spayed.
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Update 2/11/18 – I spent some time with Venus today and she was super sweet. She is a bit of a talker and was letting me know that I needed to be paying attention to her as opposed to one of the other kittens at the shelter that needed new photographs. Even though the other kitten was hissing at her occasionally, Venus never reacted except to try to reach through the kennel door to get my attention. Won’t you come meet this sweetie?

Venus came to the shelter as a stray, but we are hoping that someone will recognize this cat. We feel like she may have an owner who may be looking for her, because she is well-fed and in great health, she’s already spayed, and she is also wearing a fancy tan-colored collar with a gold buckle and rhinestone-like jewels. Unfortunately, there is no contact information on the collar, nor is she micro-chipped. The best case is for a cat to be reunited with the owner, but we know that sometimes people move away and leave their pets behind. After Venus’ stray hold period has expired, she will be available for adoption to a new home. This will be a great option for Venus, because she’s a real sweetie, who loves to be petted. We’d bet that she’ll become a great lap cat. While Venus is not so fond of other cats, she is generally relaxed, even in the strange new shelter environment, and we’d bet she will transition easily into a new abode.