48576 – Garth

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2 years
Male – neutered!
54 pounds
Heartworm treatment in process
Available as of 1/29
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Update 3/15: Garth will only be available to rescues for the next month while he recovers from his heartworm treatment (immiticide shots). Please wish this sweet boy well during his recovery!

Update 2/6:  Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Garth is now neutered and up-to-date on his basic vaccinations! Since he’s been neutered, he’s available for adoption as well as rescue!

Update 2/1: Unfortunately, Garth is heartworm positive and only available to rescues until he is neutered.

Update 1/26: Garth and Brooks have settled in and are doing much better about walking on a leash. They take their time and may need a few breaks for pets and encouragement, but that’s okay. They are two of the calmest dogs I’ve ever met and will soak up all the attention you give them. If you’re looking for a sweet, gentle friend to relax with after a busy day, come meet Garth and Brooks!

Garth and Brooks came in together, and both are sweet, shy boys. They don’t know about leashes, but they do know about treats, so I enticed Garth to take a few steps from his kennel and then carried him to an interaction pen a few steps away. Brooks watched his buddy and did the same. Once we were all together, they felt more comfortable, explored a little, had more treats, and gave me some tail wags when I petted them and told them they were good boys. I imagine it won’t be long before they’re ready for a longer walk to the grassy interaction pens in the back where Garth and Brooks can stretch their legs and run and play!

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