48570 – Molly

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3 years
Female – spayed!
50 pounds
Heartworm treatment in process
Available as of 1/28
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Update 3/15: Molly will only be available to rescues for the next two months while she recovers from her heartworm treatment (immiticide shots). Please wish this sweet girl well during her recovery!

Update 3/10: Molly is as sweet as ever (and one of my favorite dogs!), but she probably needs to live in a cat free home. She was tested with a cat today and seemed a little too interested and wouldn’t give him his space.

Update 2/1: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Molly has been spayed and brought up-to-date on her basic vaccinations!

Molly melts my heart! She is soooooo sweet and loves all the attention you give her. She’s three years old and still puppy soft and will look at you with the most adoring eyes as you pet her. She’s also friendly and likes other dogs. When a new dog would enter the adjoining pen, Molly would trot over to greet them at the fence with a tail wag and then trot back over to me. She lived with another dog, and while that dog was reclaimed from the pound, Molly is still here. Maybe she’ll be reclaimed, too, but if not, she’ll need a new home. If you’re looking for a sweet, gentle companion, Molly is perfect!

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