48428 – Ebenezer

3 years
65 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 12/23
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Why choose me?

Ebenezer is no Scrooge. He’s a happy, energetic boy who loves to run. When you take him out, be prepared—he’s strong! Leash manners are something he needs to work on, but he certainly does love being with people, and he’s got sitting for treats mastered. Ebenezer and Bo Bo had a super time running laps along the fence together, and once most of his energy was out, Ebenezer was ready to be with me. He’d hop up on the picnic table to sit beside me for pets and more treats and loved both. Once, when he was jumping up to join me, he missed his mark and leaped over the table. He didn’t mind; he just ran around and made it the second time. Ebenezer can jump fences, so he either needs one that he can’t jump or be an inside dog. He’s a happy, handsome boy who’d love a new home!