48417 – Sparkle

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5 years
50 pounds
Heartworm positive 🙁
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Update 1/1:Sparkle is starting to live up to her name! She is feeling much better, and is slowly filling out, although she is still a slender girl. Spending some time with her in the interaction pen, I’m starting to wonder if she’s younger than 5 years – she loves to run and she’s so fast and agile! She now sits for treats and takes them from your hand as gently as ever. Sparkle seems like the kind of dog that bonds like glue to the people she loves – that’s the way she behaves with the animal caretaker who has been caring for her for the last two weeks. She follows him with her eyes wherever he goes and when he walks toward her she wags her tail so hard it’s a blur. She was plenty friendly with us, but she adores her special friend. Just imagine what a loving and devoted pup she will be for her new family!

Sparkle’s name might seem anomalous at first; her coat is rough, her ribs show, one of her eyes is weepy, and she has obviously recently had a litter of puppies (and it wasn’t her first one). But bring Moonbeam (who we believe is her daughter) to join her and sit quietly, and you’ll start to see little flashes of beauty–the way Sparkle gently encourages Moonbeam, her oh-so-soft mouth when she takes treats, her slight lean against you when she decides to trust just a little, and her obvious pleasure at her bed, her warm kennel, a soft blanket, and food.(Food! For a pup as starved as she is, she is very polite around food–she even makes sure Moonbeam gets what she needs first.) While staff originally put Sparkle’s age at 5 years based on what they could see when she was impounded, now that she’s settled in and they’ve spent time with her they think she is a few years younger–her back teeth are in good condition. But she’s had a hard life so far; her incisors are broken off, she has a gash above the top of her front teeth that exposes the roots, and she tested positive for heartworms. Sparkle will take a little polishing to show her full beauty, but she’s a sweet girl and deserves a chance at a life as wonderful as she is.

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