48399 – Kiwi

Why choose me?

Update 2/9/18 – Thanks to the Athenspets Spay/Neuter Fund, Kiwi is now spayed and ready to go home with you!

Cute Tuxedo kitty alert!! Kiwi is a real sweetheart of a cat, who is wearing her fancy black & white tuxedo best in hopes of getting your attention. She came to the shelter just the other day, after her previous owner could no longer care for her. Kiwi was a bit timid when she first arrived at the shelter, but she is warming up quickly. When I met her, she really enjoyed when I scratched her around the face – and especially under the chin. I could tell that she felt like she was in heaven as I was petting her. Kiwi is a meek, unassuming young lady, who seems to like a quieter environment, but will probably thrive just great in most households, as long as she has a peaceful area in which she can retreat when she feels like it. We’d bet that once in your home, Kiwi will seek out your warm lap upon which to sit! Unlike many of the other cats, she is not rambunctious or mischievous, and will make for a really relaxing housemate. All she needs now in life is a place to call home. We hope you’ll notice Kiwi, with her tuxedo coat, cute white socks, and great demeanor!