48373, 48374, 48375 – Celie, Albert & Nettie

Born Approx. 10/1/17
Females (48373, 48375) & Male (48374)
DLH (48373) & DSH (48374, 48375)
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 12/13/17
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Update 1/15/18 – These three kittens are now located at the front of the shelter, so you can easily meet them by simply stopping by the main cat shelter room!

Meet Celie, Albert & Nettie! These three stunning kittens came to the shelter after they were born under someone’s house. They are each now hoping to find a real home of their own. All three were pretty skittish when they first arrived, but they are working on their social skills, and have become very tame, curious, and even loving, during their time at the shelter. Celie is the longhair, while Albert and Nettie are shorthairs.

2017 was a pretty interesting year… especially with regards to the kitten season. You see, kittens typicaly appear during March through June for the most part. The kitten season was late during 2017, so the shelter became chock-full of kittens during July and onward. We continued to receive kittens, even during November and December of 2017 — so the cat shelter is much more crowded than it usually is now, in January.   Can you help the shelter population by adopting one or more of these kittens into your home for this New Year?

Note: Due to space constraints, we don’t have enough room in the front room for all of our adoptable cats, so these triplets may currently be located at the back of the shelter. If you’d like to meet them, please ask staff for assistance, and they’ll be happy to introduce you!