48366, 48367, 48368, 48369 – Nero, Zwart, Noir & Petro

Born Approx. 10/20/2017
Males (48366, 48367) & Females (48368, 48369)
FIV- & FeLV-
Rescued – Thanks Athens Area Humane Society!

Why choose me?

Update 2/7/18 – Brothers Nero and Zwart are feeling great once again, and are available for adoption.  Visit the kitten room here at the shelter to meet these playful balls of energy!

Update 1/22/18 — Noir & Petro were rescued today by AthensArea HumaneSociety​! Their siblings Nero & Zwart are still recovering from a URI, but we hope that they’ll be available for adoption soon!

Update 1/15/18 – Nero, Zwart, Noir & Petro have come down with a URI, so they’re currently in the back, getting medical treatment. We’ll update you as soon as they are feeling better and available for adoption again.

Meet our newest and most famous litter of kittens – the International “Black” Litter of four! Each kitten has a name that comes from a different language, but translates to the word “black” in English. The notable International “Black” kittens are lucky to not be outside, fending for themselves in the freezing cold temperatures right now, but they also really need to find homes soon.   Each kitten has his/her own unique purrsonality, and name that translates to the word “black” in English: Nero (male – 48366) is our resident Italian; Zwart (male – 48367) is the Dutchman; Noir (female – 48368) is French; and, Petro (female – 48369) is our Greek friend! All four kittens are friendly, cuddly, and love attention from humans. All four are up for some petting and fun if you’ve got a few minutes to meet them. Consider adopting one or more of this sensational group of International kittens for the New Year!

Note: Due to space constraints, we don’t have enough room in the front room for all of our adoptable cats, so this group of quadruplets may currently be located at the back of the shelter. If you’d like to meet them, please ask staff for assistance, and they’ll be happy to introduce you!