48273 – Feliz

6 months
FIV- & FeLV-
She was humanely euthanized for medical reasons. Rest in peace sweet girl. 🙁

Why choose me?

We are all heartbroken to report that Feliz was euthanized today due to medical reasons. She showed some symptoms that made us think that she had an issue with her reproductive system. Having an animal spayed is usually an easy way to resolve those types of issues, so we sent her to be spayed immediately. Unfortunately, during surgery they discovered that she had much more serious internal issues. As a result, she was humanely euthanized as advised by our vet. We’re all extremely sad at the loss of beautiful Feliz. It’s especially depressing when you go into a situation feeling very confident of a solution that will be an easy and permanent fix only to find that the problem is actually beyond our power to correct. We are thankful though that by sending her to the vet immediately upon observing symptoms, we were able to avoid any further suffering for this sweet girl. Please send good thoughts and support to our shelter staff. This is not the news they were hoping to get today. 🙁

Feliz came in with her sister Navidad, and they are two very sweet ladies. Feliz has the look of an oriental shorthair or Russian blue mix with her finely boned facial features, and she is the most outgoing of the two. Navidad often likes to hang out and watch as Feliz meets new folks first before she comes over to meet you. But both are playful, friendly, and easy-going kitties. Stop by and meet these two holiday kitties as they’d love to go home with you (either together or separately) for the new year!