48272 – Cowvin

Why choose me?
Update 12/24/17 – Cowvin is back at the shelter after the family that originally adopted him decided he wasn’t exactly what they were looking for. He was quite cuddly at the shelter and that was what they were looking for in a kitty, but they found that at home he was fairly independent and wasn’t quite the cuddly, I-must-be-with-you-every-minute kind of cat that they were looking for. On the plus side, Buddy (the Olaf of cats – he loves to give hugs!) is a perfect fit, so they adopted Buddy instead. Bringing an animal into your life is an important life commitment, especially when cats can live up to 20 years or so. So we appreciate this family making sure that they got the right animal for them, and the good news is that all of Mr. Cowvin’s adoring fans now have a second chance at adopting him. So who’s first?

It’s been a while since we’ve had a cat at the shelter with such a unique look! Shelter staff named him Cowvin because he has such cool cow-colored markings. But if you ask me, he reminds me the most of a large rabbit with his quizzically cocked ears and cute nose and cheeks. And when I say large, I do mean it! He weighs 16 lbs making him one of the heaviest if not the heaviest cat at the shelter right now. He’s so big that it’s hard for him to be in any of the kennels, so he’s likely going to be moved up to an interaction room when we have space. He’s currently in the back right now, but staff will be happy to let you meet him when you come by. Staff have noticed one odd thing about him, which is that he seems to dislike shoes. We wonder if he was kicked a lot in his previous home. We’ll probably never know, but if you walk into the interaction room, just know that that’s something that seems to bother him. Staff and volunteers will work on him with it of course, but an easy way to avoid it is just to pick him up and put him in your lap or on a higher surface like one of our cat towers. He was a champ for his photos, and he’s obviously got a great personality and he’s very sweet. He also doesn’t seem to mind other cats. Be sure to stop by and meet this gentle giant ASAP. He’d love to have a new home for the holidays!