48267 – Tux

3 Years
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 11/22/


Why choose me?

Tux came to the shelter after his previous owners got a new dog, and decided that they no longer had a place in their home for Tux.  With proper introduction to one another, and plenty of vertical space in which a cat can use to feel comfortable and get away from a dog, we believe that cats and dogs can potentially do quite well together!   The really ironic thing for Tux, is that he arrived at the shelter wearing a harness, and walking on a leash. Yep, you heard me right!!  Tux walks on a leash better than many dogs! Not only is he cool in that respect, but he’s also a really handsome dude, with gorgeous long hair… plus, he’s wearing a “TUXedo”.   We did notice that he has some thin hair around the base of his tail, so he has likely had fleas in the past.  Now that he’s got some good care, the hair will surely grow right back, and he’ll be ready to go on walks with his new owner(s).   Come to the shelter soon, so you can take Tux for a test walk!