48266 – Jaclyn

5 Months
DSH / Bengal-Mix
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

If you’re looking for a stunning young kitty, with the looks of a wildcat, Jaclyn is your girl!  This photogenic beauty had no problem posing for her photo shoot.  She loves to bask in the sunbeams that filter into her kennel, and strikes the most fabulous poses.  She really is the cat equivalent of a human super-model.  Jaclyn has spots and stripes, quite like that of the Bengal breed of cat. While she’s obviously a mix-breed, she knows that she’s quite a looker.  During my visit with her, Jaclyn purred, and rolled over onto her side while kneading, and looking at me lovingly.  This girl has got it all – stunning appearance and great purrsonality.  All she needs now is a loving home with an person or two in which to share her positive attributes!