48263 – Hazel

4 years
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Hazel’s story is pretty sad. A neighbor had observed that Hazel’s owners were moving out. They had packed Hazel up into a wire dog crate with a litter box and had her ready to go into a moving truck. But the owners were told that Hazel couldn’t ride in the truck. The neighbor observed that the owners, rather than making another accommodation for their cat or taking her inside, just left her inside her crate with no apparent intention of coming back for her. After watching for some time and observing that the owners had not come back for her and being concerned about the weather, the neighbor brought Hazel to the shelter. We’re not sure what’s going on with her owners, but Hazel is not microchipped, and we have no way of getting in touch with them. We’re also pretty concerned about anyone who’d leave their pet in such an untenable situation.
And assuming that they do not come back for Hazel, she will need a permanent home to go to once her hold time expires.

Regardless of her circumstances, Hazel is as sweet as can be! She loves people, and she was balancing on top of her litter box at one point just to try to get closer to meet so that I could pet her through the top of the wire kennel she was brought to the shelter in. She has some of the thickest, softest coats of any cat in the shelter. It feels like it could practically be wool!

She is one special lady, and we hope that whatever happens going forward that she’ll end up in a home where she’ll receive the love and care that she deserves as a family member, not a disposable item that can just be left behind in a move.