48254, 48255, 48256, 48262 – Poptart, Bacon, Muffin & Omelette

Born Approx. 11/7/17
Females (48254, 48255, 48256) & Male (48262)
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Update 2/11/18 – Omelette was adopted today, so Bacon is the only remaining one of these cuties left!

Update 2/9/18 – Poptart and Muffin have been rescued by MOAS Pets.  Bacon (Brown Tabby) & Omelette (Black) are still in the back, recovering from a cold, but will be available again soon!

These four little kittens came to the shelter with their mom, Croissant, when they were only one week old. At that point, their eyes were not even open yet! Croissant was an excellent mother, and we are so happy to announce that she was recently adopted. Now that these four young’uns are old enough to be adopted, they are bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to find homes of their own.   Each kitten has his/her own purrsonality, but all four are excited to find families, where they can happily explore and play. We recommend adopting more than one kitten at a time, so they will each always have a playmate, but it’s also fine to adopt just one. Poptart and Muffin (brown tabby, females) are currently out front in the kitten room, while Bacon (brown tabby female) and Omelette (black, the only male) are residing in the back while recovering from a cold, but please ask shelter staff if you’d like to meet them. These little ones will “be your Valentine” anytime, when you adopt one or more today!