48237 – Destiny

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8 years
48 pounds
Heartworm negative!
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Update 11/29: I sat in the run with Destiny today, and every time someone walked by, she would peer out longingly, almost as if she was thinking, “Please pick me, please pick me.” This senior girl may be a little rough around the edges with her patchy hair, worn down teeth, and badly infected ears (she’s being treated by the folks at Firehall 4 thankfully!), but if you look past all that, you’ll find an old soul, just full of love to give.

It always breaks my heart to see senior dogs at the pound. Destiny looks like she’s had a few litters of puppies in her life, and her hair is a little thin in places along her back end probably due to a flea allergy. She hasn’t lived the life of a princess but she should. She’s a sweet girl who appreciates any attention you give her. She especially liked having her back end scratched, and when I stopped she backed up against me to let me know she wanted more. I hope that Destiny can find a home where she can enjoy her golden years. She’s not a demanding dog, but a comfy bed, leisurely walks, a few treats, and just being loved would be nice.

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