48235 – Mike

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1 year
Male – neutered!
53 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 11/19
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Update 12/5: Mike seems to be hard of hearing–while he responds to some sounds, there are times when the noise at the shelter seems to make it hard for him to hear. But it doesn’t slow him down! He is a sweetheart and with the right equipment (such as a vibration collar) and selection of tones he can hear can be trained as well as any other dog.

Update 11/27: Mike is such a love! He’ll put his paws in your lap, gaze into your eyes, and stay there as long as you let him soaking up all the love and attention you give him. He’s a very sweet boy. He also has a playful side, and today was the first day I’ve seen him play with toys. He had a blast playing with a stuffed Santa Hedgehog and would run and toss it in the air time and time again. Mike’s friend Molly has been adopted, and hopefully Mike will find his forever home, too!

Mike and Molly were surrendered together because their owner could no longer care for them. They’re both sweet, beautiful dogs. Mike can be shy at first while Molly is more confident at the pound. They both respond to kindness, pets, and treats. They’re presently in separate kennels, but I had permission to let them be together in an interaction pen. It was a happy reunion, and they immediately began to run and play together. Their former owner said that Molly lived inside with puppies and lots of cats. Since Mike liked to chase the cats, he had a pen outdoors, but I imagine he’d prefer to be indoors with loved ones, too. If you’re looking for a pair of dogs who already know and love each other, Mike and Molly would be perfect. If you’re wanting to add only one more member to your family, that’s fine, too. They’re both sweet dogs looking for loving forever homes.

Note: If Mike is unsure about leaving his kennel, just step inside and offer him a treat. Once he’s leashed, he’s happy to walk with you.