48214 – Gizmo

Rescue Only

4-6 months
15 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 11/19
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Why choose me?

Gizmo is an adorable and lovable little guy. Like most pups, he wants to be held, petted, and loved on. He’s curious about toys and really likes treats. I had to hold back on the treats, though, because Gizmo is on a special diet. He’s had a rough start in life and is emaciated. Until he’s at a healthy weight so that he can be neutered, he’s only available to rescues. He can still visit with volunteers and visitors, and I guarantee that he’ll soak up all the attention you give him. Come give this sweetie some lovin’ and help him find out how wonderful the life of a puppy can be. Hopefully, he’ll be rescued and soon have a loving forever home!