48203 – Dane

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3 years
45 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 11/17
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Why choose me?

Dane got his ‘shelter name’ because he looks like an itty bitty Great Dane – he’s so cute. Dane was new to the shelter when we took him out for pictures and video, so he was very excited to sniff every square inch of the interaction, and he did it at super high speed. He didn’t break into a run, but he has the fastest trot we’ve ever seen! While we had him out, Tic Tac and Big E were playing in the adjoining pen, and Dane thought they were pretty entertaining. He ran alongside the fence with them and all three had very happily wagging tails. One way to get Dane to stay still is to show him a treat – he sits on a dime every time, and gives you the adorably earnest look you can see in his ‘sit’ picture. Dane is a little skinny and looks like he hasn’t had the cushiest life so far, but we think he’d be happy to adapt to one!