48200 – Khloe

7 years
45 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 11/10
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Why choose me?

Khloe is a sweet older dog. She’s seven years old and lived with seven kids ranging in ages from 0 – 14 years. She’s house trained and was an indoor dog, so she’s spent a lot of time with children. When we first entered the interaction pen, Khloe was intent on checking out every scent in the interaction pen. I guess she eventually had her fill because suddenly she became interested in being with me. Now she was ready for pets and happy to sit for treats. Her tail was wagging and she loved having her back scratched. I’m glad I got to see what a sweet and affectionate dog Khloe really is. She’s also a pretty girl with a beautiful coat and adorable ears. Her world has really changed, but I hope Khloe finds a new home where she knows she’s loved and can enjoy her golden years.