48195 – Mavis

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6-12 months
46 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 11/14
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Why choose me?

Mavis is as sweet and friendly as she can be! Her whole body wiggled with joy when I stopped at her gate to take her to an interaction pen. She’s a happy girl who loves being with people. She had a good time running about the interaction pen but would come to me whenever I called her happy for pets and treats. She also liked meeting other dogs at the fence and got along with everyone she met. That being said, she doesn’t do well with cats. It may be her playful nature, but she likes to chase them. The person that found Mavis said she’s a sweet dog, but there was a cat in the home, so they couldn’t keep her. If your life is cat free, and you’re looking for a happy, friendly girl (who also happens to be quite a beauty!) with lots of smiles and tail wags to share, Mavis is your match!