48182 – Marvin

1.5 years
Male – neutered!
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 11/17/


Why choose me?

Marvin was brought in by one of our volunteers who found him roaming around her apartment complex. He’s neutered and in great shape, so we felt positive that he must have an owner who’s looking for him. But he’s not micorchipped and wasn’t wearing a collar and he’s been with us since November 11th and no one has called looking for a cat matching his description. At this point, we have to assume that whoever got him neutered is not looking for him or maybe dumped him off. 🙁

So Marvin’s New Years resolution is to find a home of his own. In the meantime, he’s getting to live in the interaction room at the shelter (the penthouse suite if you will) because he does not do well with other cats and it stresses him out to be in the regular kennels. We’re not sure how he does with dogs, so he may need to be in an only pet home, but if you’re only going to have one pet, we can assure you that Marvin is the perfect one to have! He is such a lover! He immediately wants to rub up against you the moment you walk in the door. I’ve come to the shelter and caught him briefly sleeping in very adorable positions, but I can never manage to get a photo of it because the moment he realizes you are standing outside of his door he jumps up and runs over to greet you. He is ready to be your devoted companion, so if you’re looking for love in 2018, come adopt Marvin!

One of our volunteers also noticed that he might be somewhat of a Hemingway cat (cats with extra toes) as it looks like he at least has the start of an extra digit on both of his front feet. I’ll be sure to check it out on my next visit to the shelter to see if we can confirm how many toes he does have. Either way, he’s got a pretty neat look!