48147 – Gal

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8 months
52 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 11/4
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Why choose me?

Gal was brand new to the shelter when we took her pictures and video, and she was pretty overwhelmed by the noise and smells at the shelter. But, as you can see by her video, although her tail was nervously tucked between her legs, her other end was confident enough to eat some hot dog pieces and give a kiss or two. Gal is a friendly girl, and she is in terrific shape – her fur gleams like satin in the sun. Her owners brought her here because they said she was nippy, although she has never left a mark or broken skin on anyone. Since these nips sound awfully gentle, what might be more likely is that this 8 month old puppy just hasn’t been taught that play nipping is fine with other dogs, but not with people. Gal seems like a naturally gentle and submissive girl who could learn that lesson in no time. She has already learned to sit pretty for treats, so she’s got a good report card so far!