48124 – Didi

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4-6 months
34 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 11/2
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Update 11/5: Thanks to our Medical Fund donors, DiDi had a check-up at a vet last week. Her coat is thin because of a combination of demodex and a bacterial infection and her eyes needed a bit of antibiotic ointment, but now that she’s received the care she needs, she’s well on her way to being as healthy as she is happy!

Update 11/2: Didi is kid-approved! She, Kesha, Pete, and Big E visited Ms. Thompson’s 3rd grade class at Barrow Elementary and were a big hit. Afterwards, back at Animal Control, they enjoyed group playtime and had a blast. It was great seeing them with children and then playing and having fun together! (NOTE: While some of the dogs have playmates, shelter rules require that dogs only interact directly if a staff member is present.)

Didi couldn’t be more adorable. When we took her out to the interaction pen she had so much pent up energy from being cooped up in her run that she ran her little heart out, stopping every now and then to give us some very excited kisses. Even though there are volunteers to take her out for some playtime in an interaction pen, it isn’t really the same thing as a nice walk with an owner, plus in her own home she’d have more mental stimulation, just by hanging out with her humans and having some toys to play with. (And a dog buddy never hurts too!) Didi is a little tank, so she might grow up to be a pretty big girl. As you can see from her pictures, she has a little demodex mange on her face, but it is being treated and isn’t contagious – it will go away in no time.