48102 – Sandy

Why choose me?

Sandy (continuing our Grease theme) came in as a stray in early November. She is one gorgeous kitty with her bright blue eyes and dilute tabby coat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat at the shelter with her coloring before, and her name Sandy definitely suits her. She’s super affectionate and friendly. She loves meeting visitors. She’s currently in heat, but she’s set to be spayed tomorrow, so that will be a thing of the past moving forward and thankfully no more kittens for this lady if she has had them before. She’s pretty thin with a more delicate bone structure. She might have some Siamese or Oriental Shorthair in her lineage judging from her coloring and beautiful eyes, but it’s really anyone’s guess. Regardless of her heritage, she is one gorgeous cat, so we hope you’ll stop by soon to take her home!