48083, 48085 – Rizzo & Frenchy

6 months (48083), 10 months (48085)
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Rizzo & Frenchy are extremely affectionate kitties that love attention and meeting new people. They also love other cats and would likely integrate well into a home with other felines. They came in with Zuko and are all likely relatives of some kind. Since cats are capable of having two litters each year, it’s even possible that Zuko & Frenchy were from the first litter of the year and that Rizzo is their sibling from the second litter. Two of their other relatives have already been adopted into homes with dogs and have done extremely well, so we think these kitties may have grown up around dogs as they don’t seem very afraid of them. while every cat is different, we do think these kitties would do well in a home with other pets. While they’ve had a somewhat rough start to life, living outside off of the support of a few neighbors, they are definitely ready for life in a permanent home of their own!