48074 – Robin

6 mos – 1 year
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Robin has had a rough time of it before coming to the shelter. She was likely dumped at the shelter at night. Staff discovered Chickadee waiting for them at the front door when they arrived the next morning, but they had no idea Robin was there too until a visitor let them know that there was a cat in a drain outside.
We have no way of knowing whether Chickadee and Robin might be related or whether they came from the same household, but it looks like they were both dumped. 🙁 Robin is a long-haired kitty, and her coat is obviously the worse for wear having not been well-taken care of recently. But she’s clearly going to be a beautiful lady once she gets some good nutrition and grooming. Her pictures don’t do her justice because there was so much sun coming in during her photoshoot, but she’s extremely affectionate and just wants to be with you all of the time. We’re also having trouble deciding on a good estimate of her age. Her teeth make her look a little closer to one year old, but that could be related to having led a tougher life so far. She’s extremely underweight (less than 4lbs when she came in!), so shelter staff are also working hard to help her get back to a normal weight. But despite all of this, she’s still a friendly and affectionate girl. Don’t miss out on the chance to adopt this sweetie!