48072 – Ralph

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12 years
52 pounds
Heartworm positive 🙁
Available as of 10/26
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Update 10/28: Ralph met a few other dogs face-to-face and he was great! He was friendly and curious and didn’t take offense when they weren’t quite as thrilled to meet him. He was so cute–his little tail was wagging sooo fast and he was clearly delighted to be with a 4-legged pal (even if the other dog didn’t consider him a pal). Unfortunately, Ralph has tested positive for heartworms so he is only available to rescues until he is neutered.

Ralph is an older gentleman with the emphasis on gentleman. He is easy to walk on a leash and pleasant to the people and dogs he sees here at animal control. When we had him out in the interaction pen, Clyde was in the adjoining pen, and they met at the fence. They shared a friendly sniff and Clyde, being a very young dog, wanted to play but Ralph seemed to say thanks but no thanks, I’ve got sniffing to do. Ralph gets very excited over treats but he doesn’t jump up – he stands and wags his nub tail so hard it looks like it’s vibrating! I suspect Ralph is hard of hearing, but it doesn’t hold him back one bit. Ralph looks like he’s probably lived outside his whole life, and probably hasn’t seen the working end of a grooming tool in a long time, but he’s still a handsome boy with a soulful face. This boy deserves to spend his senior years in a loving home with a comfy spot inside to call his own.

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